Kettunen Conference Center

Tustin, Michigan

14901 4-H Drive, Tustin, Michigan 49688 

  July 9-15, 2017


If you are ready for a rumpus and a wild time, put July Camp on your calendar and register now! This is the only full week summer camp this year so we have reserved plenty of space - even 10 rooms upgraded to include bathroom and linens for two. What can you expect from this adventure? -There will be a scavenger hunt every day where you will try to find where the WILD THING has gone. -There will be puzzle points earned for other things you find in the wild and photograph with your phone or camera. 

There will be a costume party where you can dress for the theme in animal print clothes or costumed as a wild animal! -There will be a papier mache craft Monday afternoon so you can create an animal mask for the costume party or fashion wild animals. -There will be a campfire where you will be in the wild with drumming and rhythm makers (bring them along.) - There will be a wild time at the Camp Show as usual. -There will be canoes and kayaks as usual on the lake

I won’t tell all, for there needs to be a few surprises when you get to camp. Just come prepared to meet some interesting, fun, exciting people (see the picture?). Come prepared to eat some great food. Come prepared to lounge on the enormous deck or join a conversation or a jam session. Come to have laughter and fun. 

Morning Groups to Follow Soon!

You can get more information from Gwen Valore --- or 740-363-4630