Adult Midwest Unitarian Universalist Singles Enrichment

  • be a part of a year-round community of single adults!

  • swimming, hiking, canoeing, dancing and more!

  • new people and lasting friendships!

  • workshops for fun, personal enrichment and growth!

  • days and days of sun-filled beautiful, relaxing, enriching, inexpensive fun.

  Come join AMUUSE this year.  We've been going strong since 1971! 

Come and meet new people; expand your horizons and participate in lively, intelligent, sometimes hilarious conversations. Hike the dunes or woods, bike the countryside, canoe or swim.  Dance the night away. Watch meteor showers while lying on the beach. Drift off to sleep each night listening to the waves.  What more could you ask for!

Any single adult (age 18 or over, divorced, separated, widowed or never married) is welcome at AMUUSE vacations regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race or political persuasion.  Many campers attend multiple camps each summer!

Lifelong friendships unfold at AMUUSE events. Our community continues during the off-season with weekend get-togethers.  Those friends who married after attending camp as singles are welcome to participate in all AMUUSE weekends during the off season.

Questions & Answers ...

How do I find out more information?
About the camp I will be attending, such as what to bring, traveling instructions, what to expect once I arrive? Approximately one month before your camp, you will receive an informational letter including a map, suggested items to bring and details about the camp.

I am new. How long will it take to fit in?
AMUUSE camps are very inclusive. Both staff and the many returning campers pride themselves on welcoming newcomers. Care is taken from the moment you arrive to make each new camper feel comfortable and welcome. Each camp is a unique blend of new and returning campers.

What does UU stand for?
Unitarian Universalism (UU) is a liberal religion with Judeo-Christian roots. It has no creed to which one must subscribe. It affirms the dignity of all, and advocates freedom of belief. UU works to provide a warm, open, supportive community for those who believe ethical living is the highest religious expression. You need not be a Unitarian Universalist to attend.

What are the demographics?
Each camp strives to create a 50-50 male-female ratio. With a maximum registration of camps at slightly less than 100 people, once registration of a particular camp reaches (for example) 50 women, the registrar will start a waiting list for women in hopes of registering 50 men. Approximately one month before camp, if there are still openings, the registrar will contact those on the waiting list to fill the remaining spots. Campers age ranges from late 20s on up to the late 70s. Although AMUUSE camps are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist churches, campers are a diverse group religiously and all are welcomed. AMUUSE is open to all ethnic groups. While the majority of campers are Caucasian, those from the Hispanic, Afro-American, Asian and Native American communities also attend. AMUUSE camps are greatly enriched by the diversity of age, religion, race, sexuation orientation and gender.